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Values and Goals | Valores y metas

Our vision for Meadow Homes is a dual language school with a STEAM enriched instructional model, committed to bilingualism, biliteracy, cross-cultural competence, and high achievement expectations. Our staff will be flexible, have a positive attitude with the ability to listen, and provide quality academic instruction with cultural awareness, in a safe environment.  Staff will be reflective lifelong learners who are committed to, and advocate for multilingualism and multiculturalism as well as inclusivity to all students and their abilities.  Meadow Homes staff will have the best, high quality supplies and functioning equipment along with tech support. All teachers and classrooms will have enough special education teachers, aides and strong, focused intervention to meet all students’ needs. Our students will come to school with a mindset that is open to learning and they will understand why they are here. Students will be respectful, open-minded about other cultures, responsible, inquisitive and take risks. Our parents will share in our school vision and actively participate in all aspects of their children’s learning.